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The Ag Data Commons is migrating

The Ag Data Commons is migrating to a new institutional portal on Figshare. The current system is available for search and download only. The new platform is open for submission with assistance from Ag Data Commons curators. Please contact NAL-ADC-Curator@usda.gov, if you need to publish or update your datasets.

ARS Culture Collection

The ARS Culture Collection data portal is a data sharing platform for people working with microbial strains housed in the ARS Culture Collection (NRRL) (https://nrrl.ncaur.usda.gov/). The user community can access data already generated by other researchers on strains of interest and can contribute data generated on strains they requested from the collection. The vision of this initiative is to create a virtuous cycle of data sharing, in which the ARS Culture Collection provides microbial strains to the user community at no charge, and the user community in return deposits data generated on those strains to a publicly available database such as NCBI. This will continue to add value to strains in the collection and accelerate the speed of research through data access.

The ARS Culture Collection (NRRL) is one of the world’s largest publicly accessible microbial collections and is responsible for breakthroughs that have increased agricultural productivity, enabled people to live longer and healthier lives, and contributed to a $175 billion per year bioeconomy in the U.S. At the heart of NRRL’s impact is a collection of nearly 100,000 bacteria and fungi developed through more than 100 years of scientific discovery. The NRRL is a unique and irreplaceable scientific asset that annually provides over 4,000 microbial cultures to scientists in more than 40 countries. These cultures have contributed to scientific advances described in more than 68,000 publications and patents as listed on Google Scholar.

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ARS Culture Collection Datasets

1295 datasets

Lipomyces starkeyi NRRL Y-11557 Genome Sequencing Project

National Center for Biotechnology Information
    A source of amylase and extracellular polysaccharides and synthesizes large amounts of lipids. It can be used as an experimental model for metabolic engineering of lipids and isoprenoids in eukaryotes.

    Ascocoryne sarcoides NRRL 50072 Genome Sequencing

    National Center for Biotechnology Information
      The excreted products of A. sarcoides include several medium chain length alkane derivatives suggesting this organism may represent a Consolidated Biosystem with the potential to convert lignocellulosic biomass directly into fuel.