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Access Policy


NAL freely provides public access to the Ag Data Commons. The Library retains the right to identify exceptions to this policy for certain classes of items or for reasons pertaining to legal or copyright issues. NAL will ensure that objects are accessible over time, provide the hardware, security and technologies appropriate to the services, and make changes as needed. For example, Ag Data Commons may perform preservation tasks such as migrating data to more current formats or open standards.

Government Mandate for Public Data

The Ag Data Commons provides an easy-to-use platform for data creators to comply with the U.S. Federal public access and open data directives, which require public access to the products of federally-funded research and promote machine-readable data.


All data accepted by the Ag Data Commons is available for public viewing and use. The Ag Data Commons prefers a Creative Commons CC-Zero public domain dedication. Data created by the US government may be in the US Public Domain. For non-federal data, copyright holders may choose a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license. Data may be embargoed for up to 30 months, in which case a placeholder with a full description of the forthcoming data will be posted publicly.