Ag Data Commons Monthly Webinar Series

Join a Webinar

Each month the Ag Data Commons offers a webinar with topics ranging from introduction for new users to topics with a data management or curation focus. We also leave time for organized question and answer periods. To join us for any of the upcoming webinars, you can:

  • Email We will mail the join information to you for upcoming webinars.
  • Check the news section for the next webinar's connect information.

Upcoming webinars are listed on the Ag Data Commons News Page, complete with details about the webinar subject and connect information. Please note each meeting number will be different.

If there are any topics you want to see covered, please let us know. We may be able to incorporate them into upcoming webinars.

Webinar Recordings

Did you miss a past webinar? No problem! Past webinar recordings are available for everyone to view and can be accessed as follows:

8/21/2018: Data-Literature Linking in Ag Data Commons / Password:
7/24/2018: Introduction to the Ag Data Commons / Password: QmPANBt3
6/26/2018: Understanding Data Dictionaries / Password: 42gVfwja
5/22/2018: Data Science and Agriculture / Password: mShjCGm7
4/24/2018: Making Data Machine-Readable / Password: Upd2UNZS
3/20/2018: Creating a Data Management Plan / Password: NukEcG3p

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