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The Ag Data Commons is migrating

The Ag Data Commons is migrating to a new institutional portal on Figshare. The current system is available for search and download only. The new platform is open for submission with assistance from Ag Data Commons curators. Please contact NAL-ADC-Curator@usda.gov, if you need to publish or update your datasets.

Ag Data Commons - Submission Quick Start

Quick Start Graphic

The basic steps to submit a new dataset to Ag Data Commons are:

  1. To submit a dataset, first register for a new account, and when confirmed by e-mail, select "Log In".

  2. Select "Submit Data" and describe the data resource(s) in the submission form (Title, Authors, Description, Keywords, etc.).

  3. Add (upload) or link data resource file(s) (e.g. raw data, spreadsheet, database, code in a repository). If a dataset DOI is needed, save the data files with Ag Data Commons. A Data Dictionary is recommended.

  4. When ready, use "My Workbench" to submit the dataset for review by data curators and answer any questions and/or update as needed.

For more detailed step-by-step information on the submission process, see the Ag Data Commons Submission Manual.