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Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP) Datasets

Site-based crop modeling data from field experiments, farm surveys, and yield trials. These data are in AgMIP harmonized format, ready for translation to multiple crop model formats using the data translation tools at http://tools.agmip.org/. Details on AgMIP can be found at http://www.agmip.org/.

Researchers working on AgMIP projects both require and generate large amounts of data for multi-disciplinary modeling activities. Data requirements for agricultural models include weather, soils, crop management, socio-economic surveys, price and market information, outputs of global climate models, among other data.

The AgMIP Data Interchange was designed to be the central repository for AgMIP data used in and resulting from modeling activities. AgMIP Phase 1 efforts (2011-2014) have concentrated on the AgMIP Crop Site Database, which contains data related to site-based crop modeling activities, including daily weather data for historic and projected climate conditions, soils, crop management data, and summaries of the simulated outputs from cropping system models. These data can be downloaded from the AgMIP Data Interchange site in harmonized binary format for use as input to crop simulation models. Data translation applications are available for free download from the AgMIP Toolshed, which can be used to convert the harmonized data to model-ready formats for multiple crop models. Models that have working translation tools include DSSAT, APSIM, WOFOST, STICS, SALUS and CropGrow-NAU. Additional translators are being developed for EPIC, CropSyst, AquaCrop, InfoCrop, ORYZA, SarraH, RZWQM2.

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POLYGON ((-172.03124284744 -83.359511330355, -172.03124284744 85.105419830539, 194.0625 85.105419830539, 194.0625 -83.359511330355))
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January 1, 2010
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