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Annotations of Unigenes Assembled from Schizaphis graminum and Sipha flava

Transcriptomes were assembled de novo from pools of adult aphids that were feeding on sorghum and switchgrass. Reads from all replicates were pooled, normalized in silico to 25X coverage, and assembled using Trinity. Only the most abundant isoform for each unigene was retained for annotation and unigenes with transcripts per million mapped reads (TPM) less than 0.5 were removed from the dataset. The remaining unigenes were annotated using Trinotate with BLASTP comparisons against the Swiss-Prot/UniProt database. In addition, Pfam-A assignments were computed using hmmer, signal peptide predictions were performed using SignalP, and transmembrane domain predictions were performed using tmHMM. Gene ontology (GO assignments) were retrieved from Trinotate using the highest scoring BLASTp matches as queries.

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Scully, Erin D.
Koch, Kyle G.
Palmer, Nathan A.
Geib, Scott M.
Sarath, Gautam
Heng-Moss, Tiffany M.
Bradshaw, Jeffery D.
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Genome/Genetics Data
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Lincoln, Nebraska
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Intended Use
This dataset was generated to understand the transcriptional responses of two generalist aphids (Schizaphis graminum and Sipha flava) to different switchgrass cultivars using RNA-Seq.
Use Limitations
For this experiment, aphids were reared on either switchgrass (cv Kanlow and Summer) or sorghum (BCK60). In addition, RNA-Seq data from starved aphids was also included in the comparison. Because our study included only a limited set of experimental conditions, the gene inventory of our transcriptome assembly is only representative of the genes that were expressed under these conditions.
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Scully, Erin
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Koch, K., Scully, E., Palmer, N., Geib, S., Sarath, G., Heng-Moss, T., & Bradshaw, J. (expected 2019). Divergent Switchgrass Cultivars modify Cereal Aphid Transcriptomes. (submitted to Journal Of Economic Entomology).

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National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Agricultural Research Service
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005:040 - Department of Agriculture - National Research
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005:00 - Department of Agriculture
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356 432
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