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The Aquatic eDNAtlas Project: Lab Results Map - USFS RMRS

The eDNAtlas is accessed via an interactive ArcGIS Online (AGOL) map that allows users to view and download sample site information and lab results of species occurrence for the U.S. The results are primarily based on samples analyzed at the National Genomics Center for Wildlife and Fish Conservation (NGC) and associated with geospatial attributes created by the Boise Spatial Streams Group (BSSG).

The AGOL map displays results for all species sampled within an 8-digit USGS hydrologic unit or series of units. The map initially opens to the project extent, but allows users to zoom to areas of interest. Symbols indicate whether a field sample has been collected and processed at a specific location, and if the latter, whether the target species was present. Each flowing-water site is assigned a unique identification code in the database to ensure that it can be tracked and matched to geospatial habitat descriptors or other attributes for subsequent analyses and reports. Because no comparable database has been built for standing water, results for those sites lack this additional information but still provide data on the sample and species detected.

For details on using the map see the Aquatic eDNAtlas Project: Lab Results ArcGIS Online Map Guide.