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Blattella germanica genome assembly v1.0

The Baylor College of Medicine has sequenced and annotated the Blattella germanica genome as part of the i5k pilot project. This dataset presents the Blattella germanica genome v1.0. This assembly version is the pre-release version, prior to filtering and quality control by the National Center for Biotechnology Information's GenBank resource. This dataset is free for all use.

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Schal, Coby
Gibbs, Richard A.
Worley, Kim C.
Murali, Shwetha C.
Lee, Sandra L.
Muzny, Donna M.
Chao, Hsu
Dinh, Huyen
Doddapaneni, Harshavardhan
Qu, Jiaxin
Dugan-Perez, Shannon
Han, Yi
Richards, Stephen
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Ag Data Commons
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Richards, Stephen
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Harrison, M., Jongepier, E., Robertson, H., Arning, N., Bitard-Feildel, T., & Chao, H. et al. (2018). Hemimetabolous genomes reveal molecular basis of termite eusociality. Nature Ecology & Evolution, 2(3), 557-566.

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National Human Genome Research Institute
U54 HG003273
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