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The Breeding API (BrAPI) Project is an effort to create a RESTful specification to enable interoperability among plant breeding databases. The Breeding API specifies a standard interface for plant phenotype/genotype databases to serve their data to crop breeding applications. It is a shared, open API, to be used by all data providers and data consumers who wish to participate.

BrAPI is a very powerful API that caters for a variety of possible use-cases. Here is a list of the ones we have been focusing on during development.

  • Genotype Visualization: Pull genotypic data from any BrAPI data source and visualize it using tools like Flapjack.
  • Field Data Collection: Using mobile devices to collect field trial data and directly import it into the BrAPI data source.
  • R Module: Load data from any BrAPI data source right into R using the BrAPI R module.
  • Data Transfer: Move large data sets between BrAPI compliant systems without having to worry about the internal wirings.
  • Geographic Visualization: Visualize geographic information about germplasm and trials by plotting the data on a map.
  • Search: Search everything! Full-text search, different search parameter combinations - knock yourself out.

Partners include Bioversity International, Boyce Thompson Institute, Cornell University, Nextgen Cassava, GOBii, International Rice Research Institute, The James Hutton Institute, and Cimmyt, among others.

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