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Treatment and harvest plots corner points coordinates - The Bronson Files, Dataset 10, Field 113, 2018 Cotton

Four comma separated files are presented, containing plot water treatment numbers, nitrogen treatment names, and the UTM Easting and Northing coordinates in meters, for the plot polygon vertices of the treatment strips or harvest plots areas.

Included are four separate files containing coordinates for the full treatment strips as well as the smaller harvest plot areas.

Note that separate harvest plot coordinates are included for all three years of the F113 cotton experimentation (2016 to 2018), although year 2016 raw data is contained the in the Bronson Files volume #8, and the year 2017 raw data is in the Bronson Files volume #9.

4 files in this archive

  • F113_BF_Plot_Coordinates/F113_PlotPoly_Coordiantes.csv
  • F113_BF_Plot_Coordinates/HarvestPolys_2016_Coordinates.csv
  • F113_BF_Plot_Coordinates/HarvestPolys_2017_Coordinates.csv
  • F113_BF_Plot_Coordinates/HarvestPolys_2018_Coordinates.csv