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The collection of raw environmental acquisition csv files from the CS CR3000 data logger

This CS data zipped folder, contains raw environmental and target recordings, to include the triple view thermal emission, and the ultrasonic displacement, as well as GPS information and additional values.

A collection of 15 field acquisition events presented as 23 csv files of raw data. The Campbell Scientific technology encoding as recorded was pre-processed to a file name, Field_Year_Month_Day_CS_data.csv. The single row header column format comma separated table file contains GPS information, the triple view thermal, and the ultrasonic displacement phenotyping measurements, plus an ambient air temperature. Data is as close to the raw numeric values acquired as possible, with quality only adjustments such as concatenation or null replacement.

Technical note on the Ultrasonic sensors in this dataset:
Honeywell ultrasonic sensor - Model PK 10414-10, part of the 943 series, 943-F4V, importantly at 180Khz sound signal frequency.
Madison ultrasonic sensor - Model Ux45, part of the UM42 short range ultrasonic sensor group, and with a 45Khz frequency.
Parallax ultrasonic sensor - Generic part #28015, and it has a 40Khz sound signal frequency.

24 files in this archive

  • CS_zip/
  • CS_zip/F105_01_15_2014_CS_data.csv
  • CS_zip/F105_01_22_2014_CS_data.csv
  • CS_zip/F105_01_28_2014_CS_data.csv
  • CS_zip/F105_02_04_2014_CS_data.csv
  • CS_zip/F105_02_12_2014_CS_data.csv
  • CS_zip/F105_02_18_2014_CS_data.csv
  • CS_zip/F105_02_25_2014_CS_data.csv
  • CS_zip/F105_03_06_2014_CS_data.csv
  • CS_zip/F105_03_06_2014_CS_GPS.csv
  • CS_zip/F105_03_11_2014_CS_data.csv
  • CS_zip/F105_03_11_2014_CS_GPS.csv
  • CS_zip/F105_03_18_2014_CS_data.csv
  • CS_zip/F105_03_18_2014_CS_GPS.csv
  • CS_zip/F105_03_26_2014_CS_data.csv
  • CS_zip/F105_03_26_2014_CS_GPS.csv
  • CS_zip/F105_04_01_2014_CS_data.csv
  • CS_zip/F105_04_01_2014_CS_GPS.csv
  • CS_zip/F105_04_08_2014_CS_data.csv
  • CS_zip/F105_04_08_2014_CS_GPS.csv
  • CS_zip/F105_04_16_2014_CS_data.csv
  • CS_zip/F105_04_16_2014_CS_GPS.csv
  • CS_zip/F105_04_21_2014_CS_data.csv
  • CS_zip/F105_04_21_2014_CS_GPS.csv