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The collection of raw active optical reflectance csv files from the HS data logger

This HS data zipped folder, contains 15 raw active optical reflectance csv files representing 15 data collection events, as derived from the data recorder, and to include GPS information.

Holland Scientific technology sensing and GeoScout data as recorded, is pre-processed to a file name, Field_Year_Month_Day_HS_data.csv. The single row header lined format comma separated table file contains the GPS information, and the six bands of active optical canopy reflectance measured by the two CropCircle sensors. Data is as close to raw numeric values acquired as possible, with quality only adjustments such as concatenation or null replacement.

16 files in this archive

  • HS_zip/
  • HS_zip/F105_01_15_2014_HS_data.csv
  • HS_zip/F105_01_22_2014_HS_data.csv
  • HS_zip/F105_01_28_2014_HS_data.csv
  • HS_zip/F105_02_04_2014_HS_data.csv
  • HS_zip/F105_02_12_2014_HS_data.csv
  • HS_zip/F105_02_18_2014_HS_data.csv
  • HS_zip/F105_02_25_2014_HS_data.csv
  • HS_zip/F105_03_06_2014_HS_data.csv
  • HS_zip/F105_03_11_2014_HS_data.csv
  • HS_zip/F105_03_18_2014_HS_data.csv
  • HS_zip/F105_03_26_2014_HS_data.csv
  • HS_zip/F105_04_01_2014_HS_data.csv
  • HS_zip/F105_04_08_2014_HS_data.csv
  • HS_zip/F105_04_16_2014_HS_data.csv
  • HS_zip/F105_04_21_2014_HS_data.csv