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Intermediate analysis tables collection

A collection of 15 files, each where a two table Excel workbook is presented, one per data collection event. They contain additional metadata in a worksheet tab, and an intermediate processing table of custom SAS generated program output integrating measurements across both data loggers. GPS receiver location coordinates and other information is combined with the calculated vegetation reflection index values, and the canopy temperature and height measurements. The original version of this file was created soon after field measurements occurred, for immediate review during the experimentation. It serves here as an example of a process, and provides a partial analysis.

These SAS output files represent intermediate pre-processed tables, where variables are ready to be mapped or statistically analyzed. There may be a few instances of serial communication numeric or other errors not replaced by the -9999 null term in the intermediate files, however this does not apply to the phenotyping sensing variables, only GPS and time variables which were still being developed in minor ways by developing CRbasic code on the CS logger.

SAS output files were generated primarily by Conley, after the data collections and throughout the season, where Dr. White mentored, and in collaboration with Dr. Bronson and Dr. Mon, these intermediate table outputs were produced and delivered internally. Although minor formatting was performed for clarity on the files presented here, all the original table information was retained, as much as possible, to example process and provide the same data for reprocess option.

16 files in this archive

  • Inter_zip/
  • Inter_zip/F105_2014_01_15_SAS_Output.xlsx
  • Inter_zip/F105_2014_01_22_SAS_Output.xlsx
  • Inter_zip/F105_2014_01_28_SAS_Output.xlsx
  • Inter_zip/F105_2014_02_04_SAS_Output.xlsx
  • Inter_zip/F105_2014_02_12_SAS_Output.xlsx
  • Inter_zip/F105_2014_02_18_SAS_Output.xlsx
  • Inter_zip/F105_2014_02_25_SAS_Output.xlsx
  • Inter_zip/F105_2014_03_06_SAS_Output.xlsx
  • Inter_zip/F105_2014_03_11_SAS_Output.xlsx
  • Inter_zip/F105_2014_03_18_SAS_Output.xlsx
  • Inter_zip/F105_2014_03_26_SAS_Output.xlsx
  • Inter_zip/F105_2014_04_01_SAS_Output.xlsx
  • Inter_zip/F105_2014_04_08_SAS_Output.xlsx
  • Inter_zip/F105_2014_04_16_SAS_Output.xlsx
  • Inter_zip/F105_2014_04_21_SAS_Output.xlsx