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Cattle and Sheep Whole Genome Sequence (WGS)

Cattle and Sheep Whole Genome Sequence (WGS)

USMARC Beef Cattle Diversity Panel (MBCDPv2.9)

  • Finished 14x WGS of 96 sires from 19 beef breeds representing >99% of the germplasm used in the US beef industry Article for cattle producers
  • USMARC Extended Cattle Diversity Panel (MECDPv1.0)
  • Ongoing 10x WGS from 46 breeds, includes MBCDPv2.9 sires plus four animals from each of 27 additional breeds
  • USMARC Sheep Diversity Panel (MSDPv2.4)
  • Finished 16x WGS of 96 rams from 10 US sheep breeds representing diversity in traits like fertility, growth, and longevity.
  • USMARC Extended Sheep Diversity Panel (MESDPv1.0)
  • Ongoing 10x WGS from 15 breeds, includes MSDPv2.4 rams plus 10 animals from each of 5 additional breeds
  • Related species (mapped to cattle and/or sheep)
  • Ongoing 10x WGS from related species like gaur, bison, banteng, and yak.
  • Livestock Cell Lines (mapped to cattle and/or sheep)
  • Ongoing 10x WGS from cell lines used in USMARC research like Madin-Darby Bovine Kidney (MDBK) cells.

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U.S. Meat Animal Research Center
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USDA Agricultural Research Service
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Bennett, Gary L.
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Agricultural Research Service
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005:037 - Department of Agriculture - Research and Education
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005:18 - Agricultural Research Service
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