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Crosswalk datasets for unit process data for field crop production version 1

This dataset contains crosswalk unit processes. These processes provide a transparent linkage between version 1 field crop production unit processes on the USDA LCA Commons and upstream ecoinvent version 2.2 unit process providers.

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Cooper, Joyce
Kahn, Ezra
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These models are intended to connect two specific data products for the convenience of the user. No guarantees about appropriateness or the correctness of the connections are made or implied. These models were developed as specific, average or generic unit process or LCI results data sets for use in “Accounting” situations (C2) as described in European Commission - Joint Research Centre - Institute for Environment and Sustainability: International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD) Handbook - General guide for Life Cycle Assessment - Detailed guidance. First edition March 2010. EUR 24708 EN. Luxembourg. Publications Office of the European Union; 2010.
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Use of this model and its appropriateness to any LCA goal and scope is the sole responsibility of the model user.
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Kahn, Ezra
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Agricultural Research Service
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  • Plants & Crops
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  • Life Cycle Assessment
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