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Daily black carbon emissions data from fires in Northern Eurasia for 2002–2015

This data publication, the Fire Emission Inventory – Northern Eurasia (FEI-NE), consists of a high spatial resolution (500 meter × 500 meter) dataset of daily black carbon (BC) emissions from forest, grassland, shrubland, and savanna fires in Northern Eurasia from 2002 to 2015. BC emissions were estimated using land cover maps and detected burned areas based on MODIS (MODerate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) remote sensing products, the Forest Inventory Survey of the Russian Federation, the IPCC Tier-1 Global Biomass Carbon Map for the year 2000, and cover type specific BC emission factors. The data publication includes land cover type, fuel loading, and fuel consumption which are input for the model used to estimate BC emissions. These data provide daily emission sources for the assessment of the transport and deposition of BC on Arctic ice and snow.

Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area
POLYGON ((-10 81, 180 81, 180 56, -10 56))
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Northern Eurasia: Russia, Eastern Asia, Central Asia, Western Asia, and Europe
Forest Service Research Data Archive
Temporal Coverage
January 1, 2002 to December 31, 2015
Contact Name
Hao, Wei Min
Contact Email
Public Access Level
Program Code
005:059 - Department of Agriculture - Management Activities
Bureau Code
005:96 - Forest Service
Harvested from Forest Service
Harvest Source TitleForest Service
Harvest Source URIhttps://www.fs.usda.gov/rds/rdaoaipmh/o
Last Harvest PerformedSat, 01/18/2020 - 15:18

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