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Data Extent

Data and code from: The Impacts of Parental Choice and Intrapopulation Selection for Seed Size on the Uprightness of Progeny Derived from Interspecific Hybridization between Glycine max and Glycine soja

This dataset contains all data and code necessary to reproduce the analysis described under the heading "Experiment 3" in the manuscript:

Taliercio, E., Eickholt, D., Read, Q. D., Carter, T., Waldeck, N., & Fallen, B. (2023). Parental choice and seed size impact the uprightness of progeny from interspecific Glycine hybridizations. Crop Science. https://doi.org/10.1002/csc2.21015

The attached files are:

  • G_max_G_soja_seedweight_seedcolor_analysis.Rmd: RMarkdown notebook containing all analysis code. The CSV data files should be placed in a subdirectory called data within the working directory from which the notebook is rendered.
  • G_max_G_soja_seedweight_seedcolor_analysis.html: Rendered HTML output from RMarkdown notebook, including figures, tables, and explanatory text.
  • counts_seedwt.csv: CSV file containing the number of progeny selected and average 100-seed weight data for each combination of cross, size class, and replicate. Columns are:

    • F3_location: text identifier of F3 nursery location, either "CLA" or "FF"
    • plot: numeric ID of plot
    • pop: numeric ID of population
    • max: name of G. max parent
    • soja: name of G. soja parent
    • F2_location: text identifier of F2 nursery location, either "Caswell" or "Hugo"
    • n_planted: number of seeds planted (raw)
    • n_selected: number of progeny selected
    • size_ordered: seed size class, to be converted to an ordered factor
    • size_combined: seed size class aggregated to fewer unique levels
    • ave_100sw: average 100-seed weight for the given size class
    • n_planted_trials: number of seeds planted rounded to nearest integer
  • seedcolor.csv: CSV file with additional data on number of seeds of each color by population. Columns are:

    • cross: text identifier of cross
    • line: text identifier of line
    • light: number of light seeds
    • mid: number of mid-green seeds
    • brown: number of brown seeds
    • dark: number of dark or black seeds
    • population: identifier of population type (F2 derived or selected)
    • max: name of G. max parent
    • n_total: sum of the light, mid, brown, and dark columns
    • soja: name of G. soja parent

The data processing and analysis pipeline in the RMarkdown notebook includes:

  • Importing the data (slightly cleaned version is provided)
  • Creating boxplots of proportion selected by cross, nursery location, and size class
  • Fitting logistic GLMM to estimate the probability of selection as a function of parent, 100-seed weight, and their interactions
  • Extracting and plotting random effect estimates from model
  • Calculating and plotting estimated marginal means from model
  • Taking contrasts between pairs of estimated marginal means and trends
  • Calculating Bayes Factors associated with the contrasts
  • Generating figures and tables for all above results
  • Additional seed color analysis: importing data (slightly cleaned version is provided)
  • Additional seed color analysis: drawing exploratory bar plot
  • Additional seed color analysis: fitting multinomial GLM modeling the proportion of seeds with each color as a function of population
  • Additional seed color analysis: generating expected value predictions from GLM and taking contrasts
  • Additional seed color analysis: creating figures and tables for model results

This research was funded by CRIS 6070-21220-069-00D, United Soybean Board Project # 2333-203-0101, and falls under National Program NP301.

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January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2021
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