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Mapping covariate layers

This .zip file includes raster layers representing explanatory variables used to predict aeolian mass flux for the Colorado Plateau in the manuscript:

Nauman, T.W., Munson, S.M., Dhital, S, Webb, N.P., Duniway, M.C. In Prep. Synergistic soil, land use, and climate influences on wind erosion on the Colorado Plateau: Implications for management. For Submission to: STOTEN.

These layers include soil properties, vegetation cover metrics, topography, and climate summaries. For the layers with temporal components (i.e. climate and vegetation), the layers are summarized for each pixel for the summer 2018 collection period (7/17/2018 to 11/27/2018). The 2018 sediment collections were the highest of the study and thus predictions were aimed to represent hotspots during a high erosion period. An R script (layerprep.R) is also included that documents how all the included rasters were summarized and prepared for use in predictions.

17 files in this archive

  • finallayers_sum18/bareground.tfw
  • finallayers_sum18/bareground.tif
  • finallayers_sum18/caco3_surf.tif
  • finallayers_sum18/finesand_surf.tif
  • finallayers_sum18/layerprep.R
  • finallayers_sum18/prcpMM_tot.tif
  • finallayers_sum18/RELMNHT8.tif
  • finallayers_sum18/restr.tif
  • finallayers_sum18/rock_max.tif
  • finallayers_sum18/SLOPE.tif
  • finallayers_sum18/som_surf.tif
  • finallayers_sum18/tmaxC_ave.tif
  • finallayers_sum18/tmaxC_max.tif
  • finallayers_sum18/tminC_ave.tif
  • finallayers_sum18/tminC_min.tif
  • finallayers_sum18/totfolcov.tfw
  • finallayers_sum18/totfolcov.tif

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