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Data Extent

Data and code from: Use of automated capillary immunoassay for quantification of antibodies in chicken sera against recombinant Salmonella enterica serotype Heidelberg proteins

This entry contains all data and code required to reproduce the analysis of immune response data presented in the manuscript:

Yeh, H.-Y., J. G. Frye, C. R. Jackson, Q. D. Read, J. E. Line, and A. Hinton. 2023. Use of automated capillary immunoassay for quantification of antibodies in chicken sera against recombinant Salmonella enterica serotype Heidelberg proteins. Journal of Microbiological Methods. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.mimet.2023.106757

Files included are:

  • chicken_salmonella_immunoassay_analysis.Rmd: RMarkdown notebook with all analysis code and full supplementary results, figures, tables, and explanatory notes. The Excel file containing the data should be in the same dictionary as the .Rmd file when the notebook is rendered.
  • chicken_salmonella_immunoassay_analysis.html: rendered output of notebook including full supplementary results, figures, and tables, and explanatory text.
  • Chicken Sera FliD FimA.xlsx: Excel file with chicken immune response data in the form of chemiluminescence values (arbitrary units) that are a proxy for immunoglobulin concentration. Each row contains measurements from an individual bird, across two time points (bleedings); at each time point IgG chemiluminescence values in response to Salmonella FliD and FimA proteins are given, and IgM chemiluminescence as well. This results in a total of eight measurements per bird (2 bleedings x 2 types of immunoglobulin x 2 Salmonella proteins). The first ten rows are non-immunized control birds and the next ten rows are immunized birds.
  • concentration_chemiluminescence.xlsx: Excel file with protein concentration and chemiluminescence data to verify relationship between them. There are three columns, one to identify the protein (FliD and FimA), one for known protein concentration, and one for chemiluminescence. This is used to verify that the chemiluminescence values are suitable proxies for protein concentration.

This research is associated with USDA project 6040-32000-079-00D and falls under National Program NP108.

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