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Data from: Cavitation Clusters in Lipid Systems – The Generation of a Bifurcated Streamer and the Dual Collapse of a Bubble Cluster

This dataset was created during a study conducted by the authors centered on experimentation of the mechanism of using high-intensity ultrasound (HIU) to change the physical properties of lipids for use in the food industry. The ring-up of a HIU source in an oil media was studied in the presence and absence of a preexisting bubble population. High-speed imaging and acoustic measurements within the system was demonstrated to be extremely useful in characterizing the dynamics present under non steady-state conditions. The behavior of the clusters generated in the first 1000 ms under these conditions was shown to be significantly different depending on the bubble population. A bifurcated streamer (BiS), originating from a unique bi-cluster event, was only observable in the presence of a bubble population during the ring-up process to higher cluster orders. In addition, the lifetime of this BiS event is highly temperature dependent and is shown to be a good marker for the viscosity of the oil employed. These data were collected using an oscilloscope or a DAQ card. Processed using VB2010 software utilizing NI Measurement studio. There are 3 folders within the zipped directory. Each contain the experimental data used for a specific figure reported in the reference article. F1 and F2 consist of the raw data used in the figures sampled at 1 MHz. 'F4_and_F5' is a file containing commas delimited data (in two data sets) as well as the summary of the processed data. Data is comma delineated as appropriate.

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POINT (-111.80831910053 41.748668297472)
POINT (-1.3963651659287 50.935243519)
Ag Data Commons
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Utah State University, Logan, UT 84322, United States; University of Southampton, Southampton SO17 1BJ United Kingdom
Temporal Coverage
April 1, 2017 to April 30, 2020
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Martini, Silvana
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