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Data Extent

Data from: Characterization of commercial cricket protein powder and impact of cricket protein powder replacement on wheat dough protein composition

Data from publication characterizing two commercially available cricket protein powders and their impact on the molecular weight distribution when incorporated into wheat dough.

Data collected from duplicate laboratory analysis of protein composition of cricket protein powders, wheat flour, and wheat dough mixed with cricket protein powders. Samples were analyzed using gel electrophoresis and size exclusion chromatography along with differential solubility. Samples were analyzed to determine the effect of cricket protein powder on the solubility and molecular weight of wheat flour proteins when mixed into a dough.

Resources in this dataset:

  • Resource Title: Readme.txt file
    File Name: ReadMe.txt
    Resource Description: Description of data included.

  • Resource Title: Figure 1. Size exclusion chromatographs of cricket protein powders
    File Name: Figure1.JPG
    Resource Description: Graph of size exclusion chromatographs of cricket protein powders

  • Resource Title: Figure 2: Size exclusion chromatographs of wheat flour and cricket protein powder fractions.
    File Name: Figure2.JPG
    Resource Description: Size exclusion chromatographs of soluble and insoluble protein fractions from cricket powder and wheat flour. Both with disulfide bonds reduced ("reduced") and intact ("unreduced").

  • Resource Title: SDS page analysis of wheat flour and cricket protein powders
    File Name: Figure3.JPG
    Resource Description: Photograph of an SDS-PAGE gel showing separation of proteins extracted from wheat flour and two commercially available cricket protein powders

  • Resource Title: Data definitions for SEC peak area data file
    File Name: data definitions.txt
    Resource Description: File contains abbreviation list for SEC peak area data file

  • Resource Title: SEC peak area data
    File Name: SEC peak area data.csv
    Resource Description: Data file of SEC peak areas

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November 1, 2022 to March 8, 2023
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