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Data from: Clarireedia: A new fungal genus comprising four pathogenic species responsible for dollar spot disease of turfgrass

Clarireedia jacksonii apothecia

Dollar spot is one of the most destructive globally distributed diseases of turfgrass. The identity of the fungus responsible for the disease has been the subject of debate for more than 75 years. These datasets provide the phylogenetic evidence from three nucleotide sequence markers (CaM, ITS and Mcm7) that underlie the establishment of the new fungal genus Clarireedia, which includes four species that cause turfgrass dollar spot disease: Clarireedia homoeocarpa, C. bennettii, C. jacksonii, and C. monteithiana. Datasets include the DNA sequence alignments for the CaM, ITS and Mcm7 markers for exemplar Clarireedia isolates, and the complete combined phylogenetic dataset and phylogenetic tree file.

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Salgado-Salazar, Catalina
Beirn, Lisa
Clarke, Bruce B.
Crouch, Jo Anne
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These datasets can be used as as reference barcodes to identify dollar spot fungi to the species level.
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Crouch, Jo Anne
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Salgado-Salazar, C., Beirn, L.A., Ismaiel, A., Boehm, M.J., Carbone, I., Putnam, A.I., Tredway, L.P., Clarke, B.B. & Crouch, J.A. (2018). Clarireedia: A new fungal genus comprising four pathogenic species responsible for dollar spot disease of turfgrass. Fungal Biology: 122(8) 761-773

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Agricultural Research Service
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005:037 - Department of Agriculture - Research and Education
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005:18 - Agricultural Research Service
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