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Data from: Data for the calculation of an indicator of the comprehensiveness of conservation of useful wild plants

The datasets and code presented in this Data in Brief article are related to the research article entitled "Comprehensiveness of conservation of useful wild plants: an operational indicator for biodiversity and sustainable development targets". The indicator methodology includes five main steps, each requiring and producing data, which are fully described and available here. These data include: species taxonomy, uses, and general geographic information (dataset 1); species occurrence data (dataset 2); global administrative areas data (dataset 3); eco-geographic predictors used in species distribution modeling (dataset 4); a world map raster file (dataset 5); species spatial distribution modeling outputs (dataset 6); ecoregion spatial data used in conservation analyses (dataset 7); protected area spatial data used in conservation analyses (dataset 8); and countries, sub-regions, and regions classifications data (dataset 9). These data are available at http://dx.doi.org/10.17632/2jxj4k32m2.1. In combination with the openly accessible methodology code (https://github.com/CIAT-DAPA/UsefulPlants-Indicator), these data facilitate indicator assessments and serve as a baseline against which future calculations of the indicator can be measured. The data can also contribute to other species distribution modeling, ecological research, and conservation analysis purposes.

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Khoury, Colin K.
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005:040 - Department of Agriculture - National Research
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