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Data from camera surveys identifying co-occurrence and occupancy linkages between fishers (Pekania pennanti), rodent prey, mesocarnivores, and larger predators in mixed-conifer forests

This Data in Brief article provides tabular data summarizing camera trap detections of 3 fisher predators (bobcat, coyote, mountain lion), 5 mesocarnivores in the same foraging guild as fishers (gray fox, ringtail, American marten, striped skunk, spotted skunk), and 5 Sciuridae rodents that fishers prey on (Douglas squirrel, gray squirrel, northern flying squirrel, long-eared chipmunk, California ground squirrel) in the Sierra Nevada region of California, USA. These data identify basic patterns of co-occurrence of rodent prey and other carnivores with fishers, as well as how presence of these species influence fisher occupancy within small, 1-km^2^ patches of forest habitat in California, USA.