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README file for Johnston Draw Data Set

Readme File for the data presented in:
S. E. Godsey, D. Marks, P. Kormos, M. Seyfried, Enslin, C., J. McNamara and T. Link, 2017, Eleven years of mountain weather, snow, soil moisture and stream flow data from the rain-snow transition zone - the Johnston Draw catchment, Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed and Critical Zone Observatory, USA, Ag Data Commons, USDA Agricultural Library,

For additional information on the dataset contact:
Dr. Danny Marks
Research Hydrologist
Pacific West Area
USDA, Agricultural Research Service
800 Park Blvd., STE 105
Boise, ID, 83712
Phone: (208) 422-0721
Fax: (208) 334-1502

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