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Weather Data from jdt3b

Each record contains date_time, WY, Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Ta, RH, ea, and Td, ws, and wd separated by comma.
Water vapor pressure (ea) was calculated using air temperature (Ta), relative humidity (RH) and software tools (Image Processing Workbench, version 2.0) developed by Marks et al. (1999).
Dew point temperature (Td) was calculated using the calculated ea. These IPW tools allow for optimized accuracy of ea and Td when temperatures approach 0C.
13 December 2010 through 30 September 2014 (4 WY).
Location (43.125683°N, -116.78562°W WGS84 / 517438.1 Easting, 4774794.1 Northing, UTM, Zone 11).
Elevation: 1661 m MASL.
33299 serially complete records. Missing data are denoted by -9999.


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