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Data from: Enabling proteomic studies with RNA-Seq: the proteome of tomato pollen as a test case

The data set included here is the supporting material to the article, "Enabling proteomic studies with RNA-Seq: The proteome of tomato pollen as a test case." 2012.

Researchers conducted a quantitative analysis of the proteomes of pollen from domesticated tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) and two wild relatives that exhibit differences in mating systems and in inter-specific reproductive barriers.

Using a custom tomato RNA-Seq database created through 454 pyrosequencing, more than 1200 proteins were identified, with subsets showing expression differences between genotypes or in the accumulation of the corresponding transcripts.

Importantly, no major qualitative or quantitative differences were observed in the characterized proteomes when mass spectra were used to interrogate either a highly curated community database of tomato DNA sequences generated through traditional sequencing technologies, or the RNA-Seq database.

They conclude that RNA-Seq provides a cost-effective and robust platform for protein identification and will be increasingly valuable to the field of proteomics.

This dataset consists of 10 tables containing protein, peptides, and spectral data.

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Lopez-Casado, Gloria
Covey, Paul A.
Bedinger, Patricia A.
Mueller, Lukas A.
Thannhauser, Theodore W.
Zhang, Sheng
Fei, Zhangjun
Giovannoni, James J.
Rose, Jocelyn K.C.
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Genome/Genetics Data
Temporal Coverage
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Rose, Jocelyn
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Lopez-Casado, G., Covey, P., Bedinger, P., Mueller, L., Thannhauser, T., & Zhang, S. et al. (2012). Enabling proteomic studies with RNA-Seq: The proteome of tomato pollen as a test case. Proteomics, 12(6), 761-774.

AgID: 10113/60482
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National Science Foundation
National Science Foundation
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