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Data From: Evaluating accuracy of DNA pool construction based on leukocyte counts versus two common DNA quantification methods

Square root of mean squared error by method of pooling. Leukocyte count = pools constructed from leukocyte count. DNA Flouro = pools constructed from DNA concentrations determined by spectrofluorometer. DNA Photo = pools constructed from DNA concentrations determined by spectrophotometer. DNA Volume = pools constructed from extracted DNA based on volume. Whole Blood Volume = pools constructed from whole blood based on volume.

Pooling individual samples prior to DNA extraction can be used to mitigate the cost of genotyping if the pooling methods can accurately generate equal representation of individuals within a pool. This dataset was generated to determine the accuracy of pool construction based on leukocyte counts compared to two common DNA quantification methods.Ten individual bovine blood samples were collected, and then pooled with two different individuals represented in each pool. Pools were constructed with the target of equal representation of the two animals based on number of leukocytes, spectrophotometric readings, spectrofluorometric readings, extracted DNA volume, and whole blood volume for a total of 25 pools. Pools and individual samples that comprised the pools were genotyped using a commercially available genotyping array. Representation of all ten individuals in each pool was estimated by non-negative least squares on array genotypes.

The dataset includes:
1) pooling allele frequencies (PAF) for all pools and individual animals computed from normalized intensities for red (X) and green (Y); PAF = X/(X+Y).
2) Genotypes or number of copies of B(green) allele (0,1,2).
3) Definitions for each sample.

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