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Data from: Host plant water deficit stress impairs reproduction and development of the galling fly (Parafreutreta regalis), a biological control agent of Cape-ivy (Delairea odorata)

Adult galling fly (Parafreutreta regalis)

Data from choice and no-choice tests associated with the paper cited below. Drought leading to water deficit stress is known to reduce performance of galling insects. The shoot tip-galling fly Parafreutreta regalis has been released for biological control of Cape-ivy (Delairea odorata) in California. Lack of moisture during the dry season causes wilting of Cape-ivy shoots, and subsequent reduced host quantity and quality could influence the fly’s ability to multiply and establish. We imposed water deficit stress on potted Cape-ivy plants, then measured the plant’s and insect’s response to water deficit compared to fully-watered plants. Water deficit stress was imposed during female oviposition (short-term), gall development (long-term), or full insect life cycle (long-term). Plants subjected to long-term water deficit showed declines in shoot growth, leaf area, and total biomass. In choice tests, 72% fewer galls were found on water deficit stressed plants, but there was no difference in the numbers of insects per gall. In no-choice tests, long-term water deficit reduced the number and size of galls by up to 51% and 39%, respectively, and puparia inside the galls were up to 35% smaller. Long-term water deficit also increased the time required for the insect to complete its life cycle (egg to adult) by about 10 days, and up to 80% fewer adults emerged, decreasing the fly’s rate of increase by up to five-fold. Our study shows that P. regalis will oviposit and develop successfully on water deficit-stressed plants, but declines in female preference, insect development and abundance could inhibit fly field establishment and/or population growth under climatic drought conditions.

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POINT (-122.30562269746 37.88634597527)
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USDA-ARS Western Regional Research Center, 800 Buchanan St., Albany, CA 94710
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February 1, 2020 to April 15, 2020
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Moran, Patrick J.
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005:040 - Department of Agriculture - National Research
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005:18 - Agricultural Research Service