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Data from: A hydrological modeling dataset for the Johnston Draw catchment, Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed, Idaho, USA

This data has been updated and corrected for errors. The most up to date data can be found in the dataset Data from: Eleven years of mountain weather, snow, soil moisture and stream flow data from the rain-snow transition zone - the Johnston Draw catchment, Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed and Critical Zone Observatory, USA. v1.1

This dataset is supplemental to the article "A hydrological modeling dataset for the Johnston Draw catchment, Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed, Idaho, USA," which was submitted to Water Resources Research in December 2015.

The data includes time-series measurements of precipitation at three different gauges (124, 125, and 124b) at the Johnston Draw watershed, a sub-watershed of the Reynolds Creek Critical Zone Observatory. The Johnston Draw watershed was established by the USDA's Agricultural Research Service in 2002 to study the rain-snow transition zone. Data was collected at gauges 124 and 125 from October 1, 2003 through September 30, 2014 and at gauge 124b from November 11, 2006 through September 30, 2014.

Precipitation for 124 and 125 were wind-corrected using the dual-gauge method described by Hanson et al. (2004). Precipitation for 124b was wind-corrected using wind data and the standard World Meteorological Organization (WMO) method as applied by Yang et al. (1999). The percent snow was calculated using the methods developed by Marks et al. (2013), using the during-storm dew point temperature (Td) where:

  • Td < ­‐0.5 °C 100 % Snow
  • ­

  • ‐0.5 °C >= Td < 0 °C 75 % Snow
  • 0 °C <= Td < +0.5 °C 25 % Snow
  • 0.5 °C <= Td 0 % Snow

125 and 124b are dual gauge precipitation stations. The pair are modified Belfort Universal gauges, with 124b having a wind shield and 125 remaining unshielded.

Each of the precipitation records is an ASCII comma-separated text file with one header row containing Date_time, WY (Water Year), Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, ppt_s (shielded precipitation; mm), ppt_u (unshielded precipitation; mm), ppt_a (wind corrected precipitation; mm), and pct_snow (percent of precipitation that is snow; %) separated by commas.

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Enslin, Clarissa L.
Godsey, Sarah E.
Marks, Daniel G.
Kormos, Patrick R.
Seyfried, Mark S.
McNamara, James P.
Link, Timothy E.
Product Type
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area
POINT (-116.77641 43.123278)
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Johnston Draw watershed, Reynolds Creek Critical Zone Observatory, Idaho
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Use Limitations
Gaps in the snow depth record are documented in the Supplemental Information resource file.
Water Resources Research
Contact Name
Marks, Daniel G.
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Primary Article
Enslin, C. L., Godsey, S. E., Marks, D., Kormos, P. R., Seyfried, M. S., McNamara, J. P., and Link, T. E. (2016). A hydrological modeling dataset for the Johnston Draw catchment, Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed, Idaho, USA, submitted to Water Resources Research, December 2015.
Methods Citation
Hanson, C., Pierson, F., & Johnson, E. (2004). Dual-gauge system for measuring precipitation: historical development and use. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 9(5), 350-358.
Marks, D., Winstral, A., Reba, M., Pomeroy, J., & Kumar, M. (2013). An evaluation of methods for determining during-storm precipitation phase and the rain/snow transition elevation at the surface in a mountain basin. Advances in Water Resources, 55, 98-110.
AgID: 10113/851722
Yang, Daqing, Goodison, Barry E., Metcalfe, John R., Louie, Paul, Leavesley, George, Emerson, Douglas, ... & Milkovic, Janja. (1999). Quantification of precipitation measurement discontinuity induced by wind shields on national gauges. Water Resources Research, 35(2), 491-508.
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Agricultural Research Service
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005:037 - Department of Agriculture - Research and Education
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005:18 - Agricultural Research Service
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