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The Ag Data Commons is migrating to a new platform – an institutional portal on Figshare. Starting October 18 the current system will be available for search and download only. Submissions will resume after the launch of our portal on Figshare in November. Stay tuned for details!

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Data Extent

Data from: Identity and diversity of pollens collected by two managed bee species while in blueberry fields for pollination

Pollen data from the manuscript titled: Identity and diversity of pollens collected by two managed bee species while in blueberry fields for pollination, published in Environmental Entomology. Pollen was collected from honey bee (Apis mellifera) and bumble bee (Bombus impatiens) forager returning to the colony, while in commercial highbush blueberry fields in SW Michigan for crop pollination. Pollen was identified visually using morphological features.

Funding also provided by Project GREEEN award GR18-038. Project GREEEN, Michigan’s plant agriculture initiative housed at Michigan State University, is a cooperative effort by plant-based commodity groups and businesses in cooperation with Michigan State University AgBioResearch, Michigan State University Extension and the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to advance Michigan’s economy through plant-based agriculture.

Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area
POLYGON ((-86.698608398438 41.723027452615, -86.698608398438 43.198043267189, -85.424194335938 43.198043267189, -85.424194335938 41.723027452615))
Ag Data Commons
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Southwest Michigan on commercial highbush blueberry farms
Temporal Coverage
May 14, 2018 to June 12, 2019
Contact Name
Graham, Kelsey
Contact Email
Public Access Level
Program Code
005:040 - Department of Agriculture - National Research
Bureau Code
005:18 - Agricultural Research Service