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Data from: Life history changes in Trogoderma variabile and T. inclusum due to mating delay with implications for mating disruption as a management tactic

Image of Trogoderma variabile and T. inclusum

Egg and progeny counts for Trogoderma variabile and Trogoderma inclusum adults with delays in mating. These data were generated to examine the effect of mating delay on life history and reproductive capacity as a cue to the use of mating disruption tactics such as pheromone lures. Survivorship was calculated as the last day egg counts were recorded for an individual. Blocks were adults that were all mated on the same day. Reps are an individual female. Control beetles are coded with either an "f" or an "m" for female and male and were never mated. Male control data was examined for similarity to female control data but was not used in further analysis and comparison. The experiment was all done at 30C, 65% relative humidity and a 16 light/8 dark photoperiod. Adults were transferred every 2 days to new vials and eggs were then counted and save for progeny counts. Trogoderma variabile populations were laboratory colonies for over 20 years. T. inclusum populations were collected in Kansas in August of 2012. We did not transform these data.

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Gerken, Alison R.
Campbell, James F.
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For understanding and modeling life history of stored product pests. Can be compared to other stored product pests that may also use mating disruption as a control tactic.
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Campbell, James
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Gerken, A. R. & Campbell, J. F. (2018). Life history changes in Trogoderma varibile and T. inclusum due to mating delay with implications for mating disruption as a management tactic. Ecology and Evolution 00:1–12.

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005:18 - Agricultural Research Service
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