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Data Extent

Data from: Measured and simulated carbon dynamics in Midwestern US corn-soybean rotations

Map of the study area with the East (green border) and West field (red border) with corn and soybean production. The grey circles show the 50 x 50 m soil sampling grid in 2005 and 2016. Imagery from growing season 2015 (USDA-FSA-APFO, 2017).

The dataset includes information on soil properties collected from two conventionally managed fields under corn-soybean rotation in October 2005 and October 2016, respectively. The fields are located in Story County, Central Iowa. 42 sampling locations per field and year were sampled within a 50 m × 50 m grid, and 1 to 2 samples per location were collected using a hydraulic soil sampler (d= 38.2 mm) from the 0 - 120 cm soil layer. The samples were analyzed to determine carbon and nitrogen concentration, and soil pH in five soil layers (0-15, 15-30, 30-60, 60-90, and 90-120 cm). Presented is the raw data per location (mean of duplicates) with which carbon and nitrogen content can be calculated with either the equivalent soil mass method or by using bulk density.

For more information about this dataset contact:
Tom Sauer: tom.sauer@usda.gov
Christian Dold: c.dold@fz-juelich.de

Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area
POINT (-93.6906 41.9749)
POINT (-93.6937 41.9745)
Ag Data Commons
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Story County, Central Iowa
Temporal Coverage
October 1, 2005 to October 1, 2016
Data Dictionary
Contact Name
Sauer, Tom
Contact Email
Public Access Level
Program Code
005:040 - Department of Agriculture - National Research
Bureau Code
005:18 - Agricultural Research Service