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Data from: Quality controlled research weather data – USDA-ARS, Bushland, Texas

The dataset contains 15-minute mean weather data from the USDA-ARS Conservation and Production Laboratory (CPRL), Soil and Water Management Research Unit (SWMRU) research weather station, Bushland, Texas (Lat. 35.186714°, Long. -102.094189°, elevation 1170 m above MSL) for all days in 2016. The data are from sensors deployed at standard heights over grass that is irrigated and mowed during the growing season to reference evapotranspiration standards. Sensors are duplicated at each height, and data from a duplicate sensor may be used to fill gaps in data from the primary sensor using appropriate regression relationships. Gap filling may also be accomplished using sensors deployed at one of the four large weighing lysimeters immediately west of the weather station. The primary paper describes details of the sensors used and methods of testing, calibration and use. The weather data include air temperature (C) and relative humidity (%), wind speed (m/s), solar irradiance (W m-2) and precipitation. Because the large (3 m by 3 m surface area) weighing lysimeters are better rain gages than are tipping bucket gages, the 15-minute precipitation data are derived for each lysimeter from changes in lysimeter mass. The land slope is <1% and flat. The mean annual precipitation is ~470 mm, the 20-year pan evaporation record indicates ~2,600 mm Class A pan evaporation per year, and winds are typically from the South and Southwest. The climate is semi-arid with ~70% (350 mm) of the annual precipitation occurring from May to September, during which period the pan evaporation averages ~1520 mm.

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Evett, Steven R.
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Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area
POLYGON ((-102.09906463948 35.191719970106, -102.07671433134 35.19121493622, -102.07678299485 35.1865853205, -102.07609634934 35.177044674547, -102.09913330298 35.177072738625))
Temporal Coverage
Intended Use
These data are intended to characterize the standard weather data at the USDA-ARS research site at Bushland, Texas, and to be used as input weather data for simulation model development and testing in conjunction with the corresponding USDA-ARS large weighing lysimeter evapotranspiration and energy and water balance dataset, which is submitted separately.
Use Limitations
The data should be used in conjunction with the Bushland large weighing lysimeter evapotranspiration and energy and water balance data and are standard weather station data, not representative of the weather at each lysimeter location but representative of the location as a whole. In particular, precipitation varies spatially due to the convective thunderstorms common to the region, so precipitation data are taken from the weighing lysimeters themselves. Data are gap filled using data from nearby (within 800 m) instruments and appropriate regression relationships or from duplicate sensors at the research weather station site, but rarely there may be missing data.
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Evett, Steven R.
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Primary Article

Evett, S. R., Marek, G. W., Copeland, K. S., & Colaizzi, P. D. (2018). Quality management for research weather data – USDA-ARS, Bushland, TX. Agrosystems, Geosciences & Environment 1:180036.

Related Article

Evett, S.R., T.A. Howell, Sr., A.D. Schneider, K.S. Copeland, D.A. Dusek, D.K. Brauer, J.A. Tolk, G.W. Marek, T.M. Marek and P.H. Gowda. (2016). The Bushland Weighing Lysimeters: A Quarter Century of Crop ET Investigations to Advance Sustainable Irrigation. Transactions Of The ASABE, 59(1), 163-179.

Methods Citation

Marek, G.W., S.R. Evett, P.H. Gowda, T.A. Howell, K.S. Copeland, and R.L. Baumhardt. (2014). Post-Processing Techniques for Reducing Errors in Weighing Lysimeter Evapotranspiration (ET) Datasets. Transactions Of The ASABE, 499-515.

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Agricultural Research Service
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005:037 - Department of Agriculture - Research and Education
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005:18 - Agricultural Research Service
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