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Delta Food Outlets Study

The Delta Food Outlets Study was an observational study designed to assess the nutritional environments of 5 towns located in the Lower Mississippi Delta region of Mississippi. It was an ancillary study to the Delta Healthy Sprouts Project and therefore included towns in which Delta Healthy Sprouts participants resided and that contained at least one convenience (corner) store, grocery store, or gas station. Data were collected via electronic surveys between March 2016 and September 2018 using the Nutrition Environment Measures Survey (NEMS) tools. Survey scores for the NEMS Corner Store, NEMS Grocery Store, and NEMS Restaurant were computed using modified scoring algorithms provided for these tools via SAS software programming. Because the towns were not randomly selected and the sample sizes are relatively small, the data may not be generalizable to all rural towns in the Lower Mississippi Delta region of Mississippi.

Dataset one (NEMS-C) contains data collected with the NEMS Corner (convenience) Store tool.
Dataset two (NEMS-G) contains data collected with the NEMS Grocery Store tool.
Dataset three (NEMS-R) contains data collected with the NEMS Restaurant tool.

Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area
POINT (-90.729012 33.743119)
POINT (-91.052314 33.383461)
POINT (-90.852898 33.176105)
POINT (-90.890925 33.404834)
POINT (-90.771987 33.601492)
Ag Data Commons
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Bolivar and Humphreys counties, Lower Mississippi Delta region, Mississippi
Temporal Coverage
March 1, 2016 to September 1, 2018
Data Dictionary
Contact Name
Thomson, Jessica
Contact Email
Public Access Level
Program Code
005:040 - Department of Agriculture - National Research
Bureau Code
005:18 - Agricultural Research Service