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Diaphorina citri Official Gene Set v1.0

Files included in this Official Gene Set:

  1. Gff3 file: Dcitr_OGSv1.0.gff3
  2. Protein fasta: Dcitr_OGSv1.0_pep.fa
  3. RNA fasta: Dcitr_OGSv1.0_rna.fa
  4. CDS fasta: Dcitr_OGSv1.0_cds.fa
  5. Mapping file describing the changes between the original NCBI annotations and the OGS: Dcitr_NCBI_to_OGSv1.0_id_mapFile.txt
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Additional Information

filesize22.48 MB
resource typefile upload
timestampMar 03, 2017