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Eddy Covariance Data from Office of Naval Research Biofuel project on Maui

Eddy Covariance tower establishment in Maui

These data come from three eddy covariance (EC) towers that were installed as part of a project to assess the productivity of sugarcane agricultural systems for biofuel production. These towers were operated from 2011-2013 in Maui, USA. Major observational parameters include net carbon exchange, evapotranspiration, and energy fluxes.

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Anderson, Ray G.
Wang, Dong
Product Type
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area
POINT (-156.44211262465 20.789700227985)
POLYGON ((-156.44314259291 20.789459501165, -156.46116703749 20.78889780376, -156.46417111158 20.798847562558, -156.49602770805 20.815018281534, -156.49980425835 20.820794640073, -156.48916125298 20.830100529681, -156.4651286602 20.816622847783, -156.43182635307 20.802502078583))
Temporal Coverage
Intended Use
Data can be used to validate agricultural, hydrologic, and other land-atmosphere models.
Use Limitations
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Anderson, Ray G.
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Related Article

Zhang, H., Anderson, R., & Wang, D. (2015). Satellite-based crop coefficient and regional water use estimates for Hawaiian sugarcane. Field Crops Research, 180, 143-154.

AgID: 5335155

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AgID: 60953
Methods Citation

Anderson, R., & Wang, D. (2014). Energy budget closure observed in paired Eddy Covariance towers with increased and continuous daily turbulence. Agricultural And Forest Meteorology, 184, 204-209.

AgID: 58320

Anderson, R., Tirado-Corbalá, R., Wang, D., & Ayars, J. (2015). Long-rotation sugarcane in Hawaii sustains high carbon accumulation and radiation use efficiency in 2nd year of growth. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 199, 216-224.

AgID: 59699

Anderson, R., Wang, D., Tirado-Corbalá, R., Zhang, H., & Ayars, J. (2015). Divergence of actual and reference evapotranspiration observations for irrigated sugarcane with windy tropical conditions. Hydrology And Earth System Sciences, 19(1), 583-599.

AgID: 60268
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Agricultural Research Service
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005:037 - Department of Agriculture - Research and Education
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005:18 - Agricultural Research Service
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