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FACETS BMP Field Trial Data from Stripling Irrigation Research Park, Georgia

A three-year cotton-peanut-corn rotation was used to evaluate management practices that could lead to improved water and N use efficiencies. All three crops were planted into a rye cover crop using strip tillage. Fertigation, the application of liquid fertilizers through the irrigation system, was evaluated on corn and cotton. Various irrigation scheduling methods including soil moisture sensors (SMS) and smartphone apps were compared to the traditional calendar scheduling method. Data includes: Soil Texture, Soil Nutrients, Soil Profile, Gravimetric Soil Moisture, Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen, Tissue Analysis, and Yield, presented as zipped Excel (.xlsx) tables.

11 files in this archive

  • Corn_SIRP_2018.xlsx
  • Corn_SIRP_2019.xlsx
  • Corn_SIRP_2020.xlsx
  • Cotton_SIRP_2018.xlsx
  • Cotton_SIRP_2019.xlsx
  • Cotton_SIRP_2020.xlsx
  • Cotton_SIRP_2021.xlsx
  • Peanut_SIRP_2018.xlsx
  • Peanut_SIRP_2019.xlsx
  • Peanut_SIRP_2020.xlsx
  • Peanut_SIRP_2021.xlsx

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