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Forest Insect and Pathogen Hazard Rating System Database

The Forest Insect and Pathogen Hazard Rating System Database is a collection of detailed summaries of published insect and disease hazard models and their associated citations organized in a SQL Server relational database. It currently contains over 700 citation records describing over 700 models. This web application facilitates the searching and retrieval of information from the database.

The core of this database consists of a number of tables linking detailed information about hazard rating models and their associated citations (published references). Each rating system, or model, estimates some measure of risk or hazard to forest stands or trees from one or more insect or pathogen agents. Details provided include information such as:

  • the host tree species and damage agent(s) the model is applicable to
  • the applicable spatial geography
  • the type of model (such as an empirical regression equation, a simulation model, or a simple look-up table based on expert opinion)
  • the spatial scope of the model, e.g. whether it estimates hazard to trees, plots, stands, or broad regions
  • a classification as to whether the model estimates the susceptibility, vulnerability, or “infestation intensity” of its scope
  • the factors or criteria (independent variables) used by the model to estimate hazard
  • the output of the model (its dependent variables), such as a quantitative mortality estimate, or a qualitative hazard class score
  • descriptive notes and summaries for both models and citations
  • links to online documentation

Relationships between models and citations are thoroughly cataloged, as well as relationships among models and among citations.

The Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team’s 2006 and 2012 National Insect and Disease Risk Map (NIDRM) Models are included in this database.

The geographic scope of the models included is generally limited to the continental United States and Canada, although the 2012 NIDRM models for Hawaii are included.

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