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Genomes To Fields 2016

Phenotypic, genotypic, and environment data for the 2016 field season: The data is stored in CyVerse.

Data types in this directory tree are: hybrid and inbred agronomic and performance traits; inbred genotypic data; and environmental (soil, weather) data collected from the Genomes To Fields (G2F) project cooperators. G2F is an umbrella initiative to support translation of maize (Zea mays) genomic information for the benefit of growers, consumers and society. This public-private partnership is building on publicly funded corn genome sequencing projects to develop approaches to understand the functions of corn genes and specific alleles across environments. Ultimately this information will be used to enable accurate prediction of the phenotypes of corn plants in diverse environments. There are many dimensions to the over-arching goal of understanding genotype-by-environment (GxE) interactions, including which genes impact which traits and trait components, how genes interact among themselves (GxG), the relevance of specific genes under different growing conditions, and how these genes influence plant growth during various stages of development.

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Campbel, Darwin
deLeon, Natalia
Edwards, Jode
Gardiner, Jack
Al Khalifah, Naser
Lawrence-Dill, Carolyn J.
Petzoldt, Jane
Romay, Cinta
Walton, Renee
Genomes to Fields Cooperators
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To support translation of maize genomic information for the benefit of growers, consumers and society.
CyVerse Data Commons
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Lawrence-Dill, Carolyn J.
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Genomes to Fields (2018). Genomes to Fields 2016. CyVerse Data Commons. DOI 10.7946/P3MW27
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National Science Foundation
University of Wisconsin-Madison
National Institute of Food and Agriculture
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005:037 - Department of Agriculture - Research and Education
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005:18 - Agricultural Research Service
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