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GOSSYM is a dynamic, process-level simulation model of cotton growth and yield. GOSSYM essentially is a materials balance model which keeps track of carbon and nitrogen in the plant and water and nitrogen in the soil root zone. GOSSYM predicts the response of the field crop to variations in the environment and to cultural inputs. Specifically, the model responds to weather inputs of daily total solar radiation, maximum and minimum air temperatures, daily total wind run, and rainfall and/or irrigation amount. The model also responds to cultural inputs such as preplant and withinseason applications of nitrogen fertilizer, row spacing and within row plant density as they affect total plant population, and cultivation practices.

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USDA Agricultural Research Service
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United States Department of Agriculture
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Pachepsky, Yakov
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Reddy, K., Boone, M., Reddy, A., Hodges, H., Turner, S., & McKinion, J. (1995). Developing and validating a model for a plant growth regulator. Agronomy Journal, (87)6, 1100-1105.

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