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LANDFIRE (LF), Landscape Fire and Resource Management Planning Tools, is a shared program between the wildland fire management programs of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service and U.S. Department of the Interior, providing landscape scale geo-spatial products to support cross-boundary planning, management, and operations. LANDFIRE is a program that provides over 20 national geo-spatial layers (e.g. vegetation, fuel, disturbance, etc.), databases, and ecological models that are available to the public for the US and insular areas.

While in its inception LANDFIRE (LF) was a response to large wildland fires and their mitigation and impact, LF as a program produces national scale, spatial products that describe vegetation, fuel, and disturbance. Additional products include reference, natural disturbance, and land management activities databases and ecological models.

While many of the products are inputs to downstream LF products, they are also valued as standalone products for natural resource managers and researchers. One example of expanded use of LF data is the Appalachian Trail decision support system (A.T. DSS). The A.T. DSS is an ecological monitoring tool used by agencies responsible for the management of the Appalachian Trail. LF vegetation data was used in the development of this tool.

The value of LF is not lost on the public and the federal and state agencies that use the data, and nothing demonstrates that better than reading about some of the uses of LF data or visiting the Web Hosted Applications Map.

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