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Leptinotarsa decemlineata Official Gene Set OGSv1.2

The attached tar.gz archive (lepdec_OGSv1-2.tar.gz) contains the following files:

  • lepdec_OGSv1.2_GCF_000500325.1_cds.fa - CDS sequences for OGSv1.2
  • lepdec_OGSv1.2_GCF_000500325.1_pep.fa - protein sequences for OGSv1.2
  • lepdec_OGSv1.2_GCF_000500325.1_trans.fa - transcript sequences for OGSv1.2
  • lepdec_OGSv1.2_GCF_000500325.1.gff3 - GFF3 file for OGSv1.2
  • lepdec_OGSv1.2_GCF_000500325.1_removed-features.tsv - a list of features removed between OGSv1.1 and OGSv1.2. The list includes feature type, ID, Name, and owner.
  • lepdec_OGSv1.2_GCF_000500325.1_update-summary.tsv - summary statistics of the features removed between OGSv1.1 and OGSv1.2
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timestampJun 22, 2018