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Measured Annual Nutrient loads from AGricultural Environments (MANAGE) database

The MANAGE (Measured Annual Nutrient loads from AGricultural Environments) database was developed to be a readily-accessible, easily-queried database of site characteristic and field-scale nutrient export data (Harmel et al., 2006). Initial funding for MANAGE was provided by USDA-ARS to support the USDA Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP) and the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board as part of their mission to understand and mitigate agricultural impacts on water quality.

The original version of MANAGE, which drew heavily from an early 1980’s compilation of nutrient export data (Reckhow et al., 1980; Beaulac, 1980; Beaulac and Reckhow, 1982), created an electronic database with nutrient load data and corresponding site characteristics from 40 studies on agricultural (cultivated and pasture/range) land uses. The first revision in 2008 added N and P load data from 15 additional studies along with N and P runoff concentration data for all 55 studies (Harmel et al., 2008). The second revision in 2016 added 30 runoff studies from forested land uses, 91 drainage water quality studies from drained land, and 12 additional runoff studies from cultivated and pasture/range (Christianson and Harmel, 2015; Harmel et al., 2016). In this expansion, fertilizer application timing, crop yield, and N and P uptake data were added to facilitate analysis of 4R Nutrient Stewardship. The latest revision (Harmel et al., 2022) added 27 studies and Level II ecoregion delineations for each of the 94 studies such that data are now available from 11 of the 50 North American Level II ecoregions, representing the major U.S. agricultural regions.

With these updates, MANAGE contains data from a vast majority of published peer-reviewed N and P export studies on homogeneous cultivated, pasture/range, and forested land uses in the US under natural rainfall-runoff conditions, as well as artificially drained agricultural land. Thus MANAGE facilitates expanded spatial analyses and improved understanding of regional differences, management practice effectiveness, and impacts of land use conversions and management techniques, and it provides valuable data for modeling and decision-making related to agricultural runoff.

The Manage Database v5 04-04-2018 zip file resource superseded the previously available v4 and was added to this record on May 30, 2018.

Resource MANAGE Database v6 added Nov 17, 2022.

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