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Data Extent

Measuring factors affecting honey bee attraction to soybeans using bioacoustics monitoring

Audio recorder in soybean field

Honey bee foraging activity in four soybean fields during the blooming period (R2-R3), as well as before or after bloom, was recorded continuously using Sony ICD-PX370 audio recorders affixed to a wooden stake and placed below the soybean canopy, at the height of the highest flowers, approximately 35 m from the field edge. Continuous recordings were broken into 1 hour chunks and recording sequences made at night were discarded. The wingbeat frequency of honey bees (234±13.9 Hz) was identified first using an automated method implemented in Python and using the package scikit-maad. Potential bee sounds were defined as anything within the range of 370-570 Hz with a duration of 1 sec. and a threshold intensity of 0.0001 using the “find_rois_cwt” function. Second, all automated detections were manually corrected by importing label files into the audio software Audacity.

Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area
POLYGON ((-81.836450099945 40.748671241654, -81.836450099945 40.750296812372, -81.836450099945 40.750296812372))
POLYGON ((-81.834905147553 40.755433354642, -81.833746433258 40.755400846129, -81.824433803558 40.760471982032, -81.824691295624 40.756766190004, -81.829540729523 40.752507524775, -81.833832263947 40.752052384112))
POLYGON ((-81.862864494324 40.756327332531, -81.851449012756 40.755287066207, -81.852993965149 40.753206484726, -81.862950325012 40.753401542006))
POLYGON ((-81.859087944031 40.76841923403, -81.861319541931 40.766599088437, -81.867671012878 40.766924118092, -81.867327690125 40.768224220816, -81.865696907043 40.769069273946))
POLYGON ((-81.843037605286 40.77946904778, -81.843037605286 40.782523672005, -81.83943271637 40.782523672005, -81.83943271637 40.77946904778))
Ag Data Commons
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Apple Creek, Ohio, USA
Temporal Coverage
July 21, 2021 to August 7, 2021
Contact Name
Johnson, Reed
Contact Email
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