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Monongahela National Forest Geospatial Data

Geospatial Services
Land management within the US Forest Service and on the 900,000+ acre Monongahela National Forest (NF) is driven by a wide mix of resource and societal demands that prove a challenge in fulfilling the Forest Service’s mission of “Caring for the Land and Serving the People.” Programmatically, the 2006 Land and Resource Management Plan guide natural resource management activities on lands administered by the Monongahela National Forest. The Forest Plan describes management direction and practices, resource protection methods and monitoring, desired resource conditions, and the availability and suitability of lands for resource management. Technology enables staff to address these land management issues and Forest Plan direction by using a science-based approach to facilitate effective decisions. Monongahela NF geospatial services, using enabling-technologies, incorporate key tools such as Environmental Systems Research Institute’s ArcGIS desktop suite and Trimble’s global positioning system (GPS) units to meet program and Forest needs.

Geospatial Datasets
The Forest has a broad set of geospatial datasets that capture geographic features across the eastern West Virginia landscape. Many of these datasets are available to the public through our download site.

Selected geospatial data that encompass the Monongahela National Forest are available for download from this page. A link to the FGDC-compliant metadata is provided for each dataset. All data are in zipped format (or available from the specified source), in one of two spatial data formats, and in the following coordinate system:

Coordinate System: Universal Transverse Mercator
Zone: 17
Units: Meters
Datum: NAD 1983
Spheroid: GRS 1980

Map files – All map files are in pdf format. These maps illustrate the correlated geospatial data. All maps are under 1 MB unless otherwise noted.

Metadata file – This FGDC-compliant metadata file contains information pertaining to the specific geospatial dataset.

Shapefile – This downloadable zipped file is in ESRI’s shapefile format.

KML file – This downloadable zipped file is in Google Earth’s KML format.

Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Monongahela National Forest
USDA Forest Service
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Monongahela National Forest Information Request
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005:96 - Forest Service