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Musa Germplasm Information System


Unraveling the genetic diversity held in genebanks on a large scale is underway, due to advances in Next-generation sequence (NGS) based technologies that produce highdensity genetic markers for a large number of samples at low cost. Genebank users should be in a position to identify and select germplasm from the global genepool based on a combination of passport, genotypic and phenotypic data. To facilitate this, a new generation of information systems is being designed to efficiently handle data and link it with other external resources such as genome or breeding databases. The Musa Germplasm Information System (MGIS), the database for global ex situ-held banana genetic resources, has been developed to address those needs in a user-friendly way. In developing MGIS, we selected a generic database schema (Chado), the robust content management system Drupal for the user interface, and Tripal, a set of Drupal modules which links the Chado schema to Drupal. MGIS allows germplasm collection examination, accession browsing, advanced search functions, and germplasm orders. Additionally, we developed unique graphical interfaces to compare accessions and to explore them based on their taxonomic information. Accession-based data has been enriched with publications, genotyping studies and associated genotyping datasets reporting on germplasm use. Finally, an interoperability layer has been implemented to facilitate the link with complementary databases like the Banana Genome Hub and the MusaBase breeding database.

Release Date
Three times a year
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area
POLYGON ((-487.77187585831 29.339273981254, -386.52187585831 29.339273981254, -374.56875085831 40.809814077186, -361.20937585831 36.980786477363, -342.22500085831 34.121077778217, -292.30312585831 32.356944442326, -132.69375085831 31.761049395573, -129.17812585831 -27.8825942184, -201.60000085831 -30.33950965926, -257.14687585831 -33.325759217108, -342.92812585831 -36.213082107296, -488.47500085831 -29.118386957402))
POINT (-355.31981821063 50.858636076125)
Alliance Bioversity-CIAT
Temporal Coverage
January 1, 2012
Contact Name
Musa Germplasm Information System
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