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National Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Database - IPMdata

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a science-based, decision-making process that identifies and reduces risks from pests and pest management related strategies. IPM coordinates the use of pest biology, environmental information, and available technology to prevent unacceptable levels of pest damage by the most economical means, while minimizing risk to people, property, resources, and the environment. IPM provides an effective strategy for managing pests in all arenas from developed agricultural, residential, and public lands to natural and wilderness areas. IPM provides an effective, all encompassing, low-risk approach to protect resources and people from pests.

Sources for IPMdata :

Pest Management Strategic Plans (PMSPs) are developed by growers, commodity associations, land-grant specialists, food processors, crop consultants, and EPA. These plans address pest management needs and priorities for individual commodities. Each plan focuses on commodity production in a particular state or region. The plans take a pest-by-pest approach to identifying the current management practices (chemical and non-chemical) and those under development. Plans also state the commodity's priorities for research, regulatory activity, and education/training programs needed for transition to alternative pest management practices.

Crop Profiles are descriptions of crop production and pest management recommendations compiled by state and commodity.

Crop Timelines are being developed by the USDA Integrated Pest Management Centers to provide current information on crop phenology, pest occurrence, and human activities in the crop.

IPM Elements and Guidelines are concise lists of IPM and related practices. These are crop and region-specific, and very efficient resources for determining which practices are recommended by land-grant university scientists for your crop.

Users of IPMdada can search Integrated Pest Management (IPM) data by Source Type (Crop Profiles, Elements, PMSPs, Timelines); Region(s) (Canada, North Central, Northeastern, Southern, United States, Western); State(s); Setting (crop); Active ingredient(s); and Pest(s).

Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area
POLYGON ((-168.99902433157 24.318179877799, -168.99902433157 70.181792921493, -52.98339933157 70.181792921493, -52.98339933157 24.318179877799))
Southern Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Center
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United States; Canada
Contact Name
Carley, Danesha Seth
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