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Ag Data Commons migration begins October 18, 2023

The Ag Data Commons is migrating to a new platform – an institutional portal on Figshare. Starting October 18 the current system will be available for search and download only. Submissions will resume after the launch of our portal on Figshare in November. Stay tuned for details!

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Data Extent

Northeast US Blue Carbon Rasters

This data set includes rasters of tidal marsh soil properties in the Northeast US for the purpose of blue carbon accounting. Mapping products cover estuarine and emergent wetland classes in the National Wetlands Inventory.

Resources in this dataset:

  • Resource Title: Northeast Blue Carbon Raster Map - LOI
    File Name: Northeast_marsh_LOI.7z
    Resource Description: This raster file provides soil organic matter (% LOI) estimates for tidal marshes in the Northeast US.

  • Resource Title: Northeast Blue Carbon Raster Map - BD
    File Name: Northeast_marsh_BD.7z
    Resource Description: This raster based data product provides soil dry bulk density estimates for tidal marshes in the Northeast US.

  • Resource Title: README file for Northeast Blue Carbon Rasters
    File Name: README_Northeast_blue_carbon_rasters_LOI_BD.txt
    Resource Description: Brief description of the raster properties and methods by which they were created to model soil organic matter, soil dry bulk density, and carbon density for the Northeast US. See Teng et al (in prep, 2023) for more details on the model development.

Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area
POLYGON ((-66.97265625 45.2427929179, -71.217773705721 43.47723793883, -71.578124463558 41.81595145198, -71.578124463558 41.81595145198, -74.249998927116 41.322789170365, -73.154295086861 43.06888777417))
Ag Data Commons
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Northeast US coastal (New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine)
Temporal Coverage
June 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021
Contact Name
Yellen, Brian
Contact Email
Public Access Level
Bureau Code
005:53 - Natural Resources Conservation Service