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NRCS Regional Conservation Partnership Program - Prairie Grasslands Region

One of the most threatened ecosystems in North America, native prairie and grasslands contained within the Prairie Grasslands Region are essential habitat for a number of wild game and threatened species, including the lesser prairie chicken and sage grouse. The region also encompasses the Red River Basin of the North and the Ogallala Aquifer—areas that are facing critical conservation needs on working lands from frequent flooding and ponding (in the north) to prolonged drought and aquifer decline (in the Ogallala).

With the CCA designation, USDA will build on existing strong partnerships in the region to accelerate conservation efforts to address these water resource and habitat issues. For example, in the Red River Basin of the North, NRCS, partners and producers will continue to build on conservation programs to support water retention and mitigate frequent flooding. In the Ogallala, partners will accelerate irrigation efficiency and water conservation work. Throughout the Prairie Grasslands Region, conservation partners will work together to promote healthy habitat, the sustainable use of water resources and a productive agricultural sector.

This dataset includes a printer-friendly CCA map and shapefiles for GIS.

Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Prairie Grasslands Region
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Contact Name
Derickson, Craig
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005:53 - Natural Resources Conservation Service